December 29, 2008

Christmas Wrap Up

B's first Christmas was wonderful, but we don't have one photo on our camera to show for it! They are all on my mom's camera so I will have to grab some from her. He cared more about the boxes of course & didn't really get unwrapping, but it was still fun. He is a very blessed kid to have so many generous grandparents, aunties & uncles.

I'll be continuing my blogging break until the New Year. I have been feeling really overwhelmed & chaotic lately, so for a few more days I'm going to regroup & refresh my spirit. Get it all ready for 2009.

Hope your New Year's Eve is fun-filled & bubbly. Here we are in 2006, when B was just a twinkle in our eyes:

This year may be a little different, but at least the bubbly part will be there, I know that : ) And maybe the fun hats.

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