April 30, 2008

My Favorite

This is my favorite photo of little B recently. I took it for my "365 days of baby project" and man, I just can't even handle the cuteness.

Yeah, so whatever happened to that project anyway? Hasn't it been like a month and a half since you posted anything?

Right. About that. I'm still taking a picture every day, it's just the posting that I'm having problems with. But I'll get to it soon - being a mom has made me face the fact that I just can't do everything all the time. Priorities you know?

BTW, my brother's rehearsal and wedding were beautiful and I'm also working on those photos right now. I didn't get sick like I thought so I was able to shoot a bunch at the rehearsal and just a few at the wedding. They had two photographers so I just enjoyed the day and let them do their thing. Hopefully Josh will send me the slide show he made so I can post it here!

Happy Wednesday from B and me!

April 25, 2008

Wedding Prep

We are up in Santa Cruz for my little brother's wedding this weekend. He's marrying a cute Southern Belle who is quite the DIYer even while working all the way up until yesterday - she's amazing. My parents are turning the house inside out to prepare for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner they are hosting tomorrow, and I am trying to help though I am not feeling well and really hope I'm not getting sick.

The decor for the rehearsal is Martha Stewart lovlieness and I look forward to photographing all the little details that are going to make it pretty! I don't have the energy to take any photos right now, but here's the inspiration courtesy of marthastewart.com:

Click on the photos to see the how-to

April 21, 2008

Dying to Sew

After 10.5 weeks of not sewing, I am dying to get out my machine. If I can swing it today I'm going to at least cut out my pillows. I've decided on these two from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern and a chocolate brown velvet for the couch pillows. I asked Forest if he cares about having pink pillows and he said no. What a guy.

My mom gave me a few pillow sewing tips that I will share when I post the final product. Wish me luck!

April 17, 2008

Diana+ Shooting Tips

I've had a few questions in the comments of my last Diana+ post so I thought I'd throw out a few tips for shooting with this camera. It can be intimidating to use medium format film and it definitely takes a little trial-and-error to figure out what works best, but here is a bit of info that will hopefully be of help:

• This camera uses 120 (or medium format) film. Depending on which frame you use inside the camera it will either take 12 or 16 exposures.
• Because this camera does not have an on/off switch it is very easy for the shutter to be released accidentally (like if it's in your purse and hits something - happens to me all the time). For this reason always leave the lens cap on when you are not using it. That way nothing will be exposed if the shutter gets released because no light is coming in.
• I always advance my film after a shot even if I'm not going to take another one right away. That way I don't forget and accidentally make a double exposure. Though that can be a "happy accident" sometimes!
• I usually use negative film because I think it's a bit less expensive to develop than slide film.
• My favorite film right now is Kodak NC 160. This a good OUTDOOR film, but does not work well inside.
• If you want to shoot inside with this camera I recommend using at least 400 speed film and making sure you still have good natural light.
• I've found the best photos I've made are in bright sunlight with the sun behind me to get a rich blue sky.
• To save money I never have prints made right away. Instead I just have the film processed and ask for low res scans on a CD. These scans are suitable for printing 4x4 prints, but if I want a larger print of a particular image I can always have an enlargement made later.
• I use a local professional lab because I get so excited to see my photos that I want them back as soon as possible, but there are some good labs you can mail your film to if there is not a lab that processes medium format film in your area.

Tips for loading film:
• See if you can get an expired foll from your local photo supply store, then practice loading with that roll until you get comfortable to use a new, unexposed roll.
• Always load film in subdued light, or better yet -
• If you have a room in your house that is very dark (closet, laundry room, etc..) preferably with no windows it is sometimes a good idea to load your film in there to avoid light leaks. It's also helpful in case you are having issues and have to try a couple times to get the film loaded correctly. It's hard to do it without being able to see, but it can save wasting money since film is not cheap these days.
• When you have the film loaded it should be tight across the back so it will wind correctly. If it's loose you could end up exposing your film when you take it out of your camera, thus ruining all your pretty pictures.

Diana+ cameras are sold in a few places:

You can also get inspired here:
Diana+ photos on flickr

Hope this helps get your cameras out of their pretty boxes and into the world. Don't be discouraged if your first few rolls are nothing to post on your blog about. It might take some practice, but the feeling I get when I use this camera and see what comes from it is magical. Yes magical. It's like these photos come with built-in nostalgia. I can already see myself looking at them in 20 years and feeling a rush of warm memories from the days when we were young and just starting our family. Film just does that, I think.

Have fun!

A New Header for Spring

After browsing my Martha Stewart Weddings Mags to find inspiration for something I'm helping my soon-to-be sister in law with (wedding is in two weeks!) I was craving a new springy blog header. These are my peonies from sometime last year. No, not from my garden but hopefully some day.

blog header 4/15/08

April 15, 2008

I'll be there!

We're really doin' it. Thanks to my loving husband I will be at the Design Sponge Biz Ladies Meetup tonight in LA! He's taking the baby to his parents so I can hang with the girls for a couple hours.

I'm SO excited to attend this event! My friend Lindsay is the financial speaker so it will be great to support her and meet the lovely Grace who is hugely responsible for many who read this blog.

Are you going? If you are I'd love to meet you. There's my picture over to the right, or look for the average girl standing next to the 5'11" blonde model-looking one (my friend Amy) : )

April 8, 2008

Amy Amy Amy

I forgot to share a very fun surprise I came home to after B's birth. Nan at Amy Butler sent me a care package with Amy's new book Midwest Modern and some new patterns to try out. So fun!

I really love this book, especially after my third or fourth look-through when I actually read the words. I do this with magazines too - flip through a few times and look at photos, then actually read the articles. I loved reading about her design process and learning that she still does all the original art for her fabric by hand with paint and paper.

I'm excited to make some of these bags when I get to sewing again and also wanted to send out a public THANK YOU to Nan for thinking of me : )

And continuing with Midwest Modern love, here is what is currently on my inspiration board.

I would be a horrible interior designer because I can NEVER make a decision and stick to one thing in my house. Before I've bought fabric or furniture for my current "idea" I've moved onto something else.

That said, I ditched my old color scheme and now thinking about pink/brown/yellow for the living room. Pink in the living room? Really? Yes, for now. I think. I don't know!

We went to a baby shower last weekend and the mom-to-be's house was beautiful, all neutrals and whites. Then I come back to my golden rod chairs and green kitchen walls and start to doubt myself. Something I heard recently is encouraging though and here it is: "Just do what you do". I think that rings true for me in every area of my life. I have to just do what I do and be myself - with my photography, home decor, wardrobe. All these things have a certain style and I need to just roll with it.

That said, all these pink-y fabrics from Amy's Midwest Modern line intrigue me. So we'll see. When I see them in person that might change, but if I actually get as far as making pillows I will let you know. So far that hasn't happened : )

April 2, 2008

The Laptop...It was inevitable.

[photo by Robert Doisneau from Parisiennes ISBN-13:978-2-0803-0037-9]

This girl was quite ahead of her time wasn't she? I give her props for hauling that big piece of machinery all the way from her flat to the banks of the Seine. Though I have to think I would do the same were I alive in...1947. I'm sure when she saw the first laptop she was like "that's nothing. When I was a kid..."

Speaking of kid, B. is wearing his hand-me down Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls from his cousin P. and he looks Puhhhh-recious. There is nothing so classic as Osh Kosh B'Gosh on a baby.

Oh wait.
I just looked and they are Baby Gap. Hmph. Well they're still overalls and they're still cute.