January 2, 2009

2009 :: Goals

We don't call them resolutions around here, but goals are always good to have. Looking back on my 2008 goals I am only 1 for 3.

1. Grow my business by 50%. This might seem like a lot, but it's a really small business and this should be totally doable. DONE & then some!!!!

Open an Etsy shop. I want to keep it pretty focused - selling my paper on canvas collages and paper products printed with my Gocco. So many people do it and...I wanna play too!

Start a compost pile. Just because every time I cook and throw away scraps of vegetables I feel horribly guilty. We could reduce our waste by so much if we composted and maybe this would finally get me to learn something about gardening and stop my plant killing spree.

I thought setting only 3 was being nice to myself, but I underestimated what this first year of having a baby would be like. Oh well, the Etsy shop may never happen & the compost pile? I could have done that at the last minute I guess, but I feel like it would have been cheating. Good thing my goals have roll-over capability.

I am so amazed & blessed by what has happened with my work & it feels great that the year my life got turned upside down was also the best year for business. Pretty cool. I have set a few more this year. For some reason I have a lot of hope for 2009 & I feel that with my friends as well. Here's my list of hope-to-dos:

1. Find balance between work & home (ie. hire some help) I thought I could just be a mom, work from home and do it all at the same time, but news flash to me: I can't! Time to bite the bullet & find a nice girl to watch B a few days a week so I can keep my business running & stay sane.

2. Make a new friend (or two) in Ventura. Sounds funny, but most of my friends live outside the city limits & are at least a 30-minute drive away. Not so conducive to day-to-day park dates & walks. I have been feeling a longing for that girlfriend you can just call up & have over all day without having to actually be doing anything. I really, really miss that part of my Santa Cruz life.

3. Re-design my photography website. I had my logo & branding re-designed already by the talented guys at The Decoder Ring Design Concern so this one is already in the works. I can't wait to launch my new look!

4. Landscape our home. Have you been here? It's been three years, we need to do this.

5. And, start a compost pile!!! I mean it this time.

2009 feels good already. We enjoyed a slow life between Christmas & New Years, cleaned the house & are feeling ready for this new year. Thanks to all of you who visit my blog - I really feel like I have a wonderful community of friends in this online world. I just wish y'all lived closer.




Orjana said...

Good luck with your goals! I don't set myself many either, I always get too enthusiastic at the New Year but I know it won't last forever!

Rachel said...

Great goals! I don't usually do resolutions either, so I just set myself 3 very general sort of goals for the year. I think it works better.

N + S said...

Good luck and happy 2009! Looks like it will be a busy and fulfilling year!

the adairs said...

Every year, I found myself saying that I would start a compost pile, but the task seemed so overwhelming. There seemed a lot to learn and do (make sure the mixture was right, leaving it in there long enough, turning it, etc). But then we found a solar cone (http://solarcone.net/home/index.php) and it changed everything. It doesn't take lawn trimmings and things, but it solves the food problem. It should work wonderfully in your sunny place (We live in New England, so it slows down a bit in the winter). We love ours and many of our friends have them too. Now I don't feel guilty about 'throwing away' food.
It might be just the thing to get your goals going :)

jennifer said...

good luck! i'm about to post my list and the etsy shop has been on there for the last 2 years. will do it one day. for reals. happy new year.

Ambrosia Girl Jenn said...

Hey, I know you're part of Mama Mia, but it would be great to meet you through VC Moms group (also through meetup.com). I've actually been sort of/kind of good about attending park days as of late.