February 26, 2009

Graph Paper is my friend

Our living room has been the hardest room in this house to figure out. If you see from my little drawing here (to scale) there are FIVE doorways leading into the living room which means very little usable wall space.

We've rearranged probably 5 or 6 times in three years & this last round was brought on by my purchase of that new brown chair you see for Forest's birthday. That really messed things up, but we love it so much & wanted it to be in this room, so I got out my graph paper & crayons (love my Crayolas).

We figured out this arrangement which works pretty well. The couch in my diagram is not the one we currently have, but hope to get soon. We need to find a coffee table & side tables, but it's slowly coming together.

February 18, 2009

So Much

We have been swept up in a whirlwind of activity - so much has happened in this the shortest month of the year:

• B turned 1 & wore his birthday crown I made for him almost the whole day!

• We went to Las Vegas with 10 of our awesome friends to celebrate my pre-turning 30 (really in March)

shark reef at Mandalay

Sushi Roku

dance dance dance

These guys were so awesome. they led the whole dance floor into the Cupid Shuffle for a song.
It was straight out of the cheesy dance movie genre that I love so much.

• & attend the WPPI trade show (Wedding & Portrait Photographers Int'l).

B selling books at the KISS booth

• Then the next day faithsalutes came here & used her design talents to help me rearrange my house & find some new goods for my bedroom makeover. We hit it big at the junk shops in town:

So there's February. I have wanted to blog about so many other things but felt like I couldn't without talking about all of this. It was a great month & I'm tired, but happy.

March is full of engagement sessions (yay shooting!) & more work on the house. And hopefully more blogging : )

February 13, 2009


The sun left this for me on my office floor the other day - how perfect.

February 10, 2009

New Corner

A photography student came over to take pictures for an assignment & we used this new little corner of the house. I found this chair in a shop here & gave it to Fo for his birthday. Before anyone gets worked up it's not an authentic, just a really good replica. Real vs. fake is a heated debate on the Internet but I got it for less than a pair of jeans so hopefully the Eames will forgive me.

This is Fo's new "programming" area. He can sit here with his computer & coffee & code the night away. Getting this chair prompted us to rearrange the living room, which I will post about soon. It involved graph paper & little cut outs of our furniture - I know you're excited!

February 7, 2009

Happy B

Happy birthday B!

Our little Bug is one today! Here's a little update for you: At one year he's walking like a champ & climbing on anything in site, giving kisses, waving, saying "mama", "dada" & "doggy", bringing us books to read all the time, playing peek-a-boo, loving the outdoors & much much more.

We can't believe a year has passed, but what a crazy & wonderful year it has been. Every day this little guy makes my heart sing. We love you baby!

February 5, 2009

DIY: Valentines Day Woven Heart Baskets

I love valentines & this is one of my favorite crafts from my childhood. I remember making these many years in a row & putting homemade cookies in them for friends & classmates. We always used solid paper, but this year I tried printed paper & I like how it adds a bit of sophistication.

I have been trying to muster up the brainpower for days to post a tutorial on these, but it wasn't happening. THANKFULLY the Internet comes through for me again as there are quite a few tutorials online already. Yay! & this one even has hearts in the middle that magically appear - what?!? I thought mine were fancy.

The size can vary, but mine end up being about 5 inches across & I usually skip the handle. These would be great as candy holders, decoration, or make a big one & use it to collect the piles and piles of valentines you know you're going to get ; )

February 3, 2009

Tribute to Thiebaud

Photographer Sharon Core has done an amazing series paying tribute to my favorite painter Wayne Thiebaud. Here's his painting (above) & her photo (below):

You can see the whole collection at the gallery's website. Such an interesting concept & the control of lighting & styling in these is inspiring!

February 2, 2009

Ambrosia Girl Free Valentines

My new Ventura friend & graphic designer made some Moulin Rouge-inspired Valentines available for download on her blog, Ambrosia Girl:

Free! So go get them! People are so generous these days. Thanks Jenn!