February 26, 2009

Graph Paper is my friend

Our living room has been the hardest room in this house to figure out. If you see from my little drawing here (to scale) there are FIVE doorways leading into the living room which means very little usable wall space.

We've rearranged probably 5 or 6 times in three years & this last round was brought on by my purchase of that new brown chair you see for Forest's birthday. That really messed things up, but we love it so much & wanted it to be in this room, so I got out my graph paper & crayons (love my Crayolas).

We figured out this arrangement which works pretty well. The couch in my diagram is not the one we currently have, but hope to get soon. We need to find a coffee table & side tables, but it's slowly coming together.

1 comment:

Casey said...

you had me at your post title. I love graph paper too! Your layout of the room looks good to me!