February 7, 2009

Happy B

Happy birthday B!

Our little Bug is one today! Here's a little update for you: At one year he's walking like a champ & climbing on anything in site, giving kisses, waving, saying "mama", "dada" & "doggy", bringing us books to read all the time, playing peek-a-boo, loving the outdoors & much much more.

We can't believe a year has passed, but what a crazy & wonderful year it has been. Every day this little guy makes my heart sing. We love you baby!


Two Flashes said...

Raya, you are so good. i love your photography! and you some too i suppose


Hoku and Jeremy said...

Happy Birthday Baker! Your Auntie Hoki and Uncle Jer wish we could have made it to your birthday party, but we have our own little love bug on the way (your future soul mate maybe?) and didn't want to stray too far from home base. We love you tho and we love your parents and we look forward to lots of play dates in the future! XOXO