February 18, 2009

So Much

We have been swept up in a whirlwind of activity - so much has happened in this the shortest month of the year:

• B turned 1 & wore his birthday crown I made for him almost the whole day!

• We went to Las Vegas with 10 of our awesome friends to celebrate my pre-turning 30 (really in March)

shark reef at Mandalay

Sushi Roku

dance dance dance

These guys were so awesome. they led the whole dance floor into the Cupid Shuffle for a song.
It was straight out of the cheesy dance movie genre that I love so much.

• & attend the WPPI trade show (Wedding & Portrait Photographers Int'l).

B selling books at the KISS booth

• Then the next day faithsalutes came here & used her design talents to help me rearrange my house & find some new goods for my bedroom makeover. We hit it big at the junk shops in town:

So there's February. I have wanted to blog about so many other things but felt like I couldn't without talking about all of this. It was a great month & I'm tired, but happy.

March is full of engagement sessions (yay shooting!) & more work on the house. And hopefully more blogging : )

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KT said...

I love the lamps and the tray is perfect.