March 24, 2009

Lauren & Saia's Engagement

Staples Center 02

Staples Center 01

Little Tokyo 01

Traction Ave 02

Traction Ave 03

Little Tokyo 02

Lauren is bff's with one of my most favorite people Miss Elizabeth J., who I worked with at Chad's, so automatically I knew I would like her. We had a great day downtown, starting at the Staples Center & finishing the night with noodles in Little Tokyo - um, a Coke & a big bowl of noodles, and some new friends is the best thing ever.

I love spending time with my couples apart from the camera so dinner was a great time to share thoughts on Rihanna & Chris Brown's relationship & other important life topics. Their wedding is in Laguna Beach in May & I can't wait. See you two soon!

March 20, 2009

Style Inspiration

I'm having some new photos taken of me for my website redesign & got frantic today thinking "what the heck am I going to wear?" I have had zero time to think about it. So I turned to the Internet & found some great street style inspiration.

These girls are from all over the world & each has her own style, but I definitely see some patterns in what I'm drawn to: classic looks, muted colors, hats, scarves, coats...skinny jeans, which I've only recently started wearing (thanks faithsalutes for that email).

See below for photo credit - feeling a little better about tomorrow, but need to get off the computer and to my closet!

Photo credits. Clockwise starting at top left: London Street Style -, Paris street style -, Scott Schuman -, Peter Miszuk -,, Scott Schuman -, LA Street Style -

March 16, 2009

Thirty Years Today

I am thirty today! It's been a wonderful, but crazy day so far. I'm enjoying every full minute of it though: presents from sweet sweet husband, bagel with cream cheese & tomatoes - my favorite, park play date, scrumptious lunch & beautiful flowers from Shelly with sorbet for dessert, a little work while B naps & homemade Indian dinner tonight at a friend's house.

I've received so many emails, phone calls, facebook messages - thank you thank you! So far thirty is good. Definitely better than twenty. I have a photo to prove it, but it would really ruin the beauty of the one above so I'll save that for later. Off to eat some more sorbet...

March 14, 2009


One of my favorite things about Spring is the cherry blossoms. I read an article about forcing blooms and might just try it this year. Anyone have tips for me?

March 9, 2009

Saturday Downtown

I spent a few hours downtown in LA Saturday with this sweet couple - Lauren & Saia. More images to come, but wanted to post this one today. How great is that typeface?

Happy Monday!

March 4, 2009

Puzzle Remix

I've been buying up all kinds of art for our home which explains my art-themed posts of late. This one came to me through Jen Bekman's 20x200 and as a puzzle + art lover I thought this was really spectacular:

Untitled #10 by Kent Rogowski - [via]

Love=Love is a series of surreal and spectacular landscape photographs that were created using pieces from over 60 store-bought jigsaw puzzles. Since manufacturers occasionally use the same die to cut more than one puzzle, I was able to use each piece in its proper position within the grid of the puzzle. I deconstructed the original idyllic images first by removing flowers and skies from each puzzle and then by re-combining them to form disorienting and fractured montages.

Read more about Kent on & his website - his bears project is another that's been making the blog rounds - definitely worth checking out if you haven't seen it!

March 3, 2009

Thiebaud Exhibit!

If you find yourself in Palm Springs - or need an excuse to get there - the Palm Springs Art Museum is showing more than 100 works from Thiebaud's long career. Some paintings on the site are ones I have not seen before, Thank you C Magazine for making it known! We are planning a weekend just for this.

Show runs until May 9, click the image for more info.

A Paintbrush

For our anniversary Fo gave me a paintbrush wrapped up in a very pretty box - he knows it's all about presentation. His gift to me was a new bedroom, specifically a new paint color. Painting is not his favorite thing to do, so a big way he can show he loves me is to paint for me : )

Today I'm cashing in my gift & our room will be a lovely shade of gray in just a few hours. I tested a few grays & ended up going with this Martha Stewart color, available at Lowes:

MS 176 Clapboard Gray

It's a warmer gray than some others we tried (some looked too purple against the yellow accents). I am in love with my color scheme - it's a good one! Here's some yellow-gray-turquoise inspiration via flickr:

Bedroom Inspiration - gray, yellow & turquoise
{Click on the image to see credits - some of these are from flickr users who have pulled from other sites, but most credit the original source on flickr.}