March 24, 2009

Lauren & Saia's Engagement

Staples Center 02

Staples Center 01

Little Tokyo 01

Traction Ave 02

Traction Ave 03

Little Tokyo 02

Lauren is bff's with one of my most favorite people Miss Elizabeth J., who I worked with at Chad's, so automatically I knew I would like her. We had a great day downtown, starting at the Staples Center & finishing the night with noodles in Little Tokyo - um, a Coke & a big bowl of noodles, and some new friends is the best thing ever.

I love spending time with my couples apart from the camera so dinner was a great time to share thoughts on Rihanna & Chris Brown's relationship & other important life topics. Their wedding is in Laguna Beach in May & I can't wait. See you two soon!


Jennifer said...

Love this set! The palm tree shots are so inspired!

Candace said...

You have such a wonderful eye! Your photos always move me. Love this set of photos.

Jamieofalltrades said...

Such fun photos. Great job documenting the day from start to finish.

LMN said...

Love the pics with the lights in the background. Very nice.

Truly Smitten said...

So lovely!