March 20, 2009

Style Inspiration

I'm having some new photos taken of me for my website redesign & got frantic today thinking "what the heck am I going to wear?" I have had zero time to think about it. So I turned to the Internet & found some great street style inspiration.

These girls are from all over the world & each has her own style, but I definitely see some patterns in what I'm drawn to: classic looks, muted colors, hats, scarves, coats...skinny jeans, which I've only recently started wearing (thanks faithsalutes for that email).

See below for photo credit - feeling a little better about tomorrow, but need to get off the computer and to my closet!

Photo credits. Clockwise starting at top left: London Street Style -, Paris street style -, Scott Schuman -, Peter Miszuk -,, Scott Schuman -, LA Street Style -


Christa said...

i love the outfit in the top right... girl in trench coat w/ platforms!

Sarah said...

I really love the laid-back style of the girl in the black jeans and long sweater. I can't seem to get that to function though!

ink and post said...

Love the army green trench with tights! Not too practical for a website photo though... hmmm that is going to be a tough one!