April 30, 2009

Jenny & Jesse's Wedding

Jenny & Jesse's wedding was so beautiful, not that I have to tell you that. Married on a perfect April day at the Beverly Hills Hotel, they laughed & danced the night away with friends & family. I couldn't have picked a more fun way to start my 2009 wedding season!

And the cupcakes, oh the cupcakes! I totally ate two.

Thank you to Constance Curtis for coordinating a seamless evening & all the talents who contributed:
Hair: Angela from Kim Vo
Makeup: Dawn Johnson
Flowers: White Lilac Inc.
Music: deBois Entertainment
Cupcakes & Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop

April 28, 2009

The Lady & The Dude

A few months back Faith came to help me get out of my post-baby decorating rut & I went on an Etsy art buying spree. These prints by UK artist Oliver Lake are two that I bought & finally framed yesterday.

I love them! I think The Dude & Audrey make quite a pair, kind of like Forest and me. Not that Forest is the dude, but he does really likes that movie.

April 22, 2009

The NEW rayaphotography.com!

Ah, my new site is finally up! I might collapse in my chair, but it's done it's done it's done! It's a very simple site to start & I have plans to add some fun features down the road, but I have new work, a new color palette & logo, a new bio & photo of me (since the old one was from my wedding...almost 5 yrs. ago) & I'm so happy.

I have been working on "thank you's" for like three days & that will go up on my site soon because there are people without whom this could not have happened. I could write paragraphs about each one, but quickly:

- he surprised me with my first website when we were dating. So really, he's started it all and has been my biggest cheerleader along the way. Love you babe!

David Jay & Showit Sites
- this site was done in Showit Sites, a wonderful tool for photographers & possibly all mankind. I did it all by myself without writing one line of code - yeah I think that's pretty awesome!

Decoder Ring Design Concern - for my stupendous logo & even cooler stationery that I cannot wait to show off. Their site is rad too - www.thedecoderring.com

Faith Christiansen - friend, life coach, motivational speaker, bio writer, home redecorator, stylist, assistant, comedic relief. If you need some faith in your life (and you do) find her at www.faithsalutes.com

And to all my past, present & future clients: Thank you for choosing me! I hope you know how much I love what I do & get so excited to create something for you that you will love & have forever.

So that's the abridged version, but I could not do this post without saying at least a little something about each of these. With that, I hope you like the new site!

April 21, 2009


Hey you. My new site/identity redesign is going live tomorrow!! Here's a tiny slice...

April 19, 2009

Jenny & Jesse's Wedding Sneak Peek

Just a few details from Jenny & Jesse's beautiful Beverly Hills Wedding. More to come...

April 6, 2009

Whatever shall I wear?

As wedding season fast approaches - like, Saturday - the subject of wedding photographer wear has been on my mind lately. Ez of Creature Comforts did a great Chic for Cheap: Wedding Photographer and I just received an email from a photographer new to weddings asking, "what the heck do you wear to shoot a wedding?" In a world known for unattractive multi-pocket vests & black,black,black it's tough to be your cute self while still looking professional & appropriate.

Here's what I'm wearing on Saturday:

Outfit: Wedding Photographer

I like to look professional, but show some style. Because this shirt has the big tie-neck I will keep my accessories simple with diamond studs. I don't wear much jewelry when I shoot because it seems to always get in the way. If I were wearing a more simple top I might wear a cute headband to spice it up. There are SO many right now! Like these:


I like headbands for work too because they are a fun little way to add personality to an outfit & they keep my hair in place and out of my eyes - all to see through the viewfinder better!

I used to shoot in heels, but those days are long gone : ) I like a flat with a little wedge heel to give me some height and I find them more comfortable. I have a great pair of suede peep-toe flats by Steve Madden that have been my "shooting" shoes for the last two years. I should have bought two pair!

If you have any thoughts on wedding attire or have your own outfit to share put a link in the comments!

April 3, 2009

New header for Springtime

Because it's Springtime! And I'm really feeling soft, out of focus images & pink lately.

Today is slated entirely for a much-needed WEBSITE UPDATE so I am turning off the Internet for the day (sort of). Happy Friday!

April 2, 2009

Bath time

I haven't posted many photos of B lately. These are some of my favorites of late - shot through our frosty shower doors.