April 6, 2009

Whatever shall I wear?

As wedding season fast approaches - like, Saturday - the subject of wedding photographer wear has been on my mind lately. Ez of Creature Comforts did a great Chic for Cheap: Wedding Photographer and I just received an email from a photographer new to weddings asking, "what the heck do you wear to shoot a wedding?" In a world known for unattractive multi-pocket vests & black,black,black it's tough to be your cute self while still looking professional & appropriate.

Here's what I'm wearing on Saturday:

Outfit: Wedding Photographer

I like to look professional, but show some style. Because this shirt has the big tie-neck I will keep my accessories simple with diamond studs. I don't wear much jewelry when I shoot because it seems to always get in the way. If I were wearing a more simple top I might wear a cute headband to spice it up. There are SO many right now! Like these:


I like headbands for work too because they are a fun little way to add personality to an outfit & they keep my hair in place and out of my eyes - all to see through the viewfinder better!

I used to shoot in heels, but those days are long gone : ) I like a flat with a little wedge heel to give me some height and I find them more comfortable. I have a great pair of suede peep-toe flats by Steve Madden that have been my "shooting" shoes for the last two years. I should have bought two pair!

If you have any thoughts on wedding attire or have your own outfit to share put a link in the comments!

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Mia said...

Love this! Such a cute outfit. I hope your shoot went well!