June 23, 2009

CA Grown

I LOVE to receive flowers. Every time I go to the store the first thought I have is, "Should I buy flowers today? I really want to buy flowers." They make me so happy and Forest knows the way to my heart is through a bouquet.

Our friend is really involved with the California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC) & I've been learning all about California flowers. There is as much to know about the flower industry as any & I thought I'd share a bit here - it goes along with the "buy local" movement so prevalent today.

Like, for instance:

-75% of all US grown flowers come from California, however they account for only approximately 25% of all cut flowers actually sold in the United States. The remainder is imported from South American countries.

-California’s cut flower industry generates $10.3 billion in economic impact for the State of California

-The cut flower industry overall generates 121,950 California jobs and $3.3 billion in wages for other industries.

These flowers in the photograph above are "CA Grown" (that's their slogan) & what I immediately noticed was the fragrance. For the first three days it was SO INTENSE, almost intoxicating- it was crazy! I think it's probably because they were just in the field maybe one, two days before they got to me. Same thing with my CSA veggies - the greens last forever because they haven't been on a truck for a week like most grocery store produce. Local is so good.

With my bouquet, came these little hint cards from the CCFC if your man needs some "encouragement" in that department - they are cheeky, but let's face it! Some people need a little reminder.

So, in short I think we've solved the California budget crisis. BUY MORE FLOWERS! Just make sure they are CA Grown. If you want to learn more about the CCFC or learn where you can buy CA Grown here's where you can find them:

If only all the world's problems could be solved with Gerber daisies.


Erin said...

Thanks Raya! I HATE that so many of the flowers sold here are from Chile & such. Ah! We have gorgeous flowers growing right in our state. Scott used to be in the flower industry. Growers are having a hard time of it. People don't seem to care that the imported flowers only look good for about a day or so. Local ones can last you a week!

ink and post said...

YAY for California flowers!!! Now if we could only get peony season to last a little longer....

meandering pearl said...

oh i do love buying local organic food & flowers are no exception!!! glad yours were so wonderfully fragrant!!!
have a loveliest of days!{beautiful photos too!!!}

The Mommy said...

Lovely blog! I am adding you to my blog party! Happy 4th!