June 2, 2009

Christie & Brian's Engagement

I spent an afternoon with Christie & Brian soaking in the romantic afternoon light & playing on the streets of Venice, CA. Christi is Forest's cousin, which makes this story even more fun. I'm so excited to photograph their wedding in August too. Love you two!


faithsalutes said...

put that skirt in my mouth.

raya said...

I know, faith. Christie always has the cutest clothes!

It's actually a dress from guess where...did you say Anthro? Yep. And it also comes in orange/grey.

Here's a link: http://tinyurl.com/o5f5vs

Mystic Paradigm said...

You've got some really nice photos on your blog. I am always on a lookout for some creative inspiration. What camera do you use and do you retouch your photos or are they straight off the camera?