June 15, 2009

Obsession: Full skirts for Summer

Skirts for Summer

I have been on the hunt for some full, flouncy, classic skirts to wear this Summer. I own ONE casual skirt. One that is about 4 years old & from Forever21. I went through a non-skirt wearing phase, but I've been loving a more feminine look these days & am embracing the skirt thanks to these beauties.

faithsalutes & I have been talking a lot about upping our game in the wardrobe department - stepping out in style every day. A tank tucked into a cute skirt with sandals is an effortless look that keeps me comfy & out of some of my other "park day" looks (ahem, yoga pants & running shoes...)

Yay for Summer. Yay for looking feminine & stylish, but still being able to chase after a toddler.


Visually Inspired said...

I've been feeling the same way about skirts! It's also so much more comfortable to sit at a computer and work while wearing a skirt instead of jeans that cut off our circulation. Yeay skirts!

Mrs. Schwager said...

just don't forget the bloomers, you never know what small child might lift your skirt!

raya said...

Good point, Mrs. Schwager. Thanks for the reminder.

Jamieofalltrades said...

I've never been a skirt girl, always a dress or pants. But there are some cute full skirts out there right now. Go for solid colors or a black and white pattern you'll get more milage out of them.