July 30, 2009

Wine + Cupcakes

During an engagement session a few weeks ago we happened upon the most charming new-to-me tasting room in Los Olivos. Sarloos & Sons was closed when we got there, but they invited us right in & said we take as many photos as we wanted. Real nice people there.

the vintage Enjoy Cupcakes trailer is right outside too - wine, yellow+gray, pretty chairs, AND cupcakes...yes please! Next time I just need to get there with plenty of time to hang around, because I have a feeling it's that kind of "stay awhile" place.

Thanks again to Keith (I think it was Keith we met outside) for being so welcoming & generous with your space. I can't wait for another visit. More photos of Joanna & David's engagement session coming soon...


SAarLooS said...

Thanks For the Shots....

We Linked to you on the Blog.

Could we Get some of the bigger files for our TV???

come for a free tasting and cupcake next time.

lulliloo said...

i adore anything and everything cupcake--thanks for sharing!

prendsmoncoeur said...

Hi Raya,

I just wanted to say I love your photographs. I want to be a photographer too, and your pictures are very inspiring. Thanks for uploading them - they are beautiful.


(haha, yes, my name is really Raya, too)