December 8, 2009

Christmas around the house

Finally getting my decorations up...I'm planning to make more trees for the mantle, finish my garland and make a few more things. Glad I started in November since it's taken me this long just to do the little bit I have : )


Tina said...

I love the trees. Any directions???

pillarboxpost said...

okay, this is random, but bear with me. I used to read your blog everyday for about a year...long stroy short, my computer disintegrated as did my bookmarks all whilst I started a new job and paperpony fell off the shelf (eek-sorry).
Fast forward a year and a half and i was looking at a design portfolio the other day online and came across a campaign with giant quotes and integrated video...thinking hmm that's interesting and then i spotted a face i recognized! eery in this digital world to do a spot of someone you 'know' but have never had any communication with! i felt a bit like a stalker... I had to come back and add paper pony to my google reader!