December 15, 2009

Kate Spade Bisbee 2006

How I re-found this ad campaign. Ready, Go:
1 - Meet Michelle Woo, get to shoot her wedding in August 2010
2 - Tell Faith about getting to shoot this cool girl's wedding, send a link to Michelle's site
3 - Faith browses, find this in her portfolio section
4 - My heart starts beating faster, I think YES this is why I have saved all my magazines since 2003. I must have these photos on my inspiration board NOW
5 - Immediately go to my mag shelf, only to find that somehow my March 2006 Vogue is missing. Of course it is...
6 - Ebay saves the day.

I just think this spread is perfection. Bisbee is a special little town in AZ that Faith loves and always tells me about, but has not taken me to - what's up with that? These photos make me want to take a road trip there like now. And maybe lose my suitcase off the top of the car and then take pictures of my clothes strewn about on the side of the road.

And socks with heels - something I will never pull of, but still so cute.


michellewoo said...

OOOH, I was secretly hoping you'd post these photos so I could have a swoony moment. Oh Kate Spade, so timeless. This spread is perfection. Also, I've never met you in person but I have a feeling that you could totally rock little socks with heels. Also, SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO SHOOT OUR WEDDING!

faithsalutes said...

My ranch in Bisbee will be your second home. Finding this gem and then finding the spread was one of our great Faith/Raya tag team moments. This made my month...but it made me miss AZ even more.

Mrs. Schwager said...

today i wore knee socks with mary janes-am i almost there? it didn't actually look too good, but i mostly stayed in the house. i like these fashion trends which encourage the kind of dressing i have time for: haphazard.

a lovely evening said...

this is an absolutely beautiful spread! your post made me laugh because the images made me want to do all of those things too. especially a road trip. i love road trips

elledee said...

Fantastic! Love Kate Spade: