January 29, 2009


We do a lot of this these days...

January 26, 2009

iphone wall paper for you!

I made some of my photos into wall paper for my new phone & thought I'd share with you! Below is a link to download these four raya carlisle iphone ready images. They are already sized, you just need to put them in your iphoto library & sync to your phone.

Click here to download

Hope you enjoy!

Baby Birthday

It's party planning madness around here. I whipped these up the other night for B's one year birthday party. I can't believe he will be one! He's getting to be such a big boy now & if I think about it too much I get really sad. The other day he sat at a little picnic table & ate a snack with 4 other kids. Didn't take theirs, didn't get down before he was done, didn't fling his food off the table...I cried myself to sleep that night.

For this super simple invite I chose a photo & resized it to the size of a 35 mm negative, then made a sheet of the image in Photoshop (since I can't make real contact sheets anymore). Then I designed the invite in Photoshop & printed them on my Epson 2200 with paper I had left over from a Gocco project. A little double stick tape to fasten the image & voila!

I love projects like these because they don't take long & I can put them together in front of the TV. And a paper invite is so much more fun to get than an email, don't you think?

January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Forest!

You're the awesomest! We love you soooo much. xoxo

January 20, 2009

Beautiful Italy

I got nostalgic the other night & started looking through my boxes of photos from my Europe trip I took with Shelly nearly seven years ago.

I was reminded again how gorgeous film is. My favorite aspect of film is the quality of the greens. They have a rich, blueish tint that just doesn't happen with digital. Some wonderful memories came flooding back:

The convent we stayed at in Sienna. Yes, I said convent. It was the only place we could find a room because Il Palio started the day we arrived. It was INCREDIBLE to be in that town during such an historical & magical event. A very happy accident indeed, & the convent was actually lovely. So many beautiful flowers.

Ah, Cinque Terre. I should know the name of the town this image is from but it escapes me. I'm sure someone will know. Best place ever though. I would love to return with Forest some day.

I'm not sure what I will do with these, but I'd like to use them somewhere in the house. If you're wishing for art, look through your archives. You never know : ) Happy Tuesday.

January 16, 2009


I spied on Fo & B last night just before bedtime. If you notice B is in his climbing stage & his favorite thing to do right now is climb on the rocker then slide off it & do it all over again..and again. And again.

January 12, 2009

Decorating our bedroom: help needed!

Last weekend we finally moved our gigantor sleigh bed out of our room & moved in our new dresser. It feels so much bigger & I'm so excited with how it's shaping up.

I think we're going to just get a headboard & keep our bed low to the ground, but I'm not sure what style will go best with the 60's low dresser we have. Any advice? Should I go really modern & simple, or will that not look right? Maybe something more baroque & decorative to contrast the dresser? I saw a headboard at a vintage shop here in town that I could picture looking nice painted one solid color, but I'm just not sure. Here's a visual:

Here are our colors. We're painting the walls a light gray & using the Eames chair as inspiration for accents. This Kite Tail color is pretty much EXACTLY what color the chair is in real life. And I just always love the marigold/gray combo. All these colors are from the Martha Stewart line at Lowe's. I don't know what kind of paint we'll end up using for the walls (would like to use Mythic) but this is just for the planning stage.

I am having issues making decisions. Help me!

January 11, 2009

Girl Crush

I already had a crush on Mark Ruffalo (13 Going on 30 is a favorite & I don't care who knows it), but now I like his wife Sunrise a little bit too. Their home in this month's Domino is so lovely...look look look & be smitten with me : )
[image via dominomag.com]

January 7, 2009

Fancy Pants Thumbtacks

One thing I accomplished over the break was doing this small crafting project I've been dying to do since design*sponge posted it months ago.

Forest is making me a new inspiration board for my office so I wanted some pretty fabric covered tacks to adorn it. They are so easy & the full instructions can be found here. I used a favorite fabric (rose/fresh poppies from the Midwest Modern collection) by Amy Butler. It was fun to use a larger print & see what kind of new designs came from using just a small piece. I'm pretty much addicted to making these - such a good project to do while chatting with friends or watching TV.

And speaking of inspiration, how much do I love this spread in the Feb. '09 Bazaar? Swoon.

photos by Alex Lubomirski

...And my scanner just kicked the bucket so I will have to tease you with just the first page - dang, after seven years it decides to die now. But it's so girly, so me. I like having a break, but this makes me look forward to wedding season. If I get my scanner working I'll post the rest or take a peek next time you're at the grocery store. Feel-good pieces is right.

January 6, 2009

2009 Homage

You would think from watching this that I have too much time on my hands. But putting a bunch of still images together & playing it backwards to make it look like your son is a genius deserves to be pushed ahead of other more pressing matters, no?

January 2, 2009

2009 :: Goals

We don't call them resolutions around here, but goals are always good to have. Looking back on my 2008 goals I am only 1 for 3.

1. Grow my business by 50%. This might seem like a lot, but it's a really small business and this should be totally doable. DONE & then some!!!!

Open an Etsy shop. I want to keep it pretty focused - selling my paper on canvas collages and paper products printed with my Gocco. So many people do it and...I wanna play too!

Start a compost pile. Just because every time I cook and throw away scraps of vegetables I feel horribly guilty. We could reduce our waste by so much if we composted and maybe this would finally get me to learn something about gardening and stop my plant killing spree.

I thought setting only 3 was being nice to myself, but I underestimated what this first year of having a baby would be like. Oh well, the Etsy shop may never happen & the compost pile? I could have done that at the last minute I guess, but I feel like it would have been cheating. Good thing my goals have roll-over capability.

I am so amazed & blessed by what has happened with my work & it feels great that the year my life got turned upside down was also the best year for business. Pretty cool. I have set a few more this year. For some reason I have a lot of hope for 2009 & I feel that with my friends as well. Here's my list of hope-to-dos:

1. Find balance between work & home (ie. hire some help) I thought I could just be a mom, work from home and do it all at the same time, but news flash to me: I can't! Time to bite the bullet & find a nice girl to watch B a few days a week so I can keep my business running & stay sane.

2. Make a new friend (or two) in Ventura. Sounds funny, but most of my friends live outside the city limits & are at least a 30-minute drive away. Not so conducive to day-to-day park dates & walks. I have been feeling a longing for that girlfriend you can just call up & have over all day without having to actually be doing anything. I really, really miss that part of my Santa Cruz life.

3. Re-design my photography website. I had my logo & branding re-designed already by the talented guys at The Decoder Ring Design Concern so this one is already in the works. I can't wait to launch my new look!

4. Landscape our home. Have you been here? It's been three years, we need to do this.

5. And, start a compost pile!!! I mean it this time.

2009 feels good already. We enjoyed a slow life between Christmas & New Years, cleaned the house & are feeling ready for this new year. Thanks to all of you who visit my blog - I really feel like I have a wonderful community of friends in this online world. I just wish y'all lived closer.