September 30, 2009

Just what I need on a Wednesday


Nothing like pretty heels to get me through the mid week slump.

September 29, 2009

TCB Tuesday: When you don't get the job

[image via caitlin martin ]

Newsflash: I don't book every job/wedding that is inquired of me. I know, right? Rejection is a part of life: I have known that since a young age (ever heard of a third wheel? Hi, that was me), but it still doesn't make it fun or even somewhat bearable. Some people deal with it better than others. I am an other in this case.

Part of the reason I wanted to write this post is because the fear of rejection has held me back in life A LOT: I won't even get into the things I haven't done because I was afraid of losing or not being accepted - you would just think I was ridiculous. The fact is if I want to have a business (and I do) I'm going to have to deal with it & learn to deal with it well, or it will be the end of me.

Yeah, I might sulk for a day, but thanks to husbands & good friends I've been encouraged to take these experiences as times for learning: To think about what I can do better, how I can present in a more effective way. I also need to realize that sometimes it has nothing to do with me personally. Do you know how many wedding photographers there are in Southern California? Many, and many talented ones at that.

So, as booking for 2010 begins I'm constantly questioning my methods & asking myself how I can improve. Really, a "thanks, but no thanks" every once and awhile can be a good thing. It forces me to grow & conquer that fear.

How have you experienced this in your own life & how do you deal? This applies to any business, not just photography & I would love to hear from anyone who relates. Have any good resources for this (especially for women)? Please share in the comments!

September 25, 2009

B's Clubhouse

Shipping box playhouses. Reason #345 why I love being a mom.

September 18, 2009

Happy Weekend

This is a Polaroid from our beach day with Jenn & her boys. Yes, a REAL Polaroid with my new camera. I hesititated to buy one, but now that production will start up again thanks to the ImpossibleProject, I was excited to be a supporter. Still having fun with Poladroid, but the real thing is just so special.

Happy weekend!

September 17, 2009

Rachel & Johan's Wedding

It was raining the morning of Rachel & Johan's wedding, so I went on a mad hunt for cute umbrellas that matched their wedding colors. As you can see the sun came out & it was beautiful, but the umbrellas turned out to be fun props. Their colors were blue & orange - an interesting match up, but one that totally works & is the next big thing according to one wedding magazine. Rachel is so ahead of the times : )

September 16, 2009

Candied Hearts

I love you a cupful.

September 15, 2009

TCB Tuesday :: Getting Things Done

"Operate at a high level of productivity".

This is a line from David Allen's Getting Things Done that pretty much sums up how I feel about my life. I would say that most of us feel like we are constantly going, have an endless to do list, an endless email inbox, there's always something.

With two small businesses, a husband, an 18 mo. old & a household there is always something. and something else. and another thing...and I would probably be up until 2am every night working (or crying) without "GTD" - as we followers call it. ha - oh you haven't read his book? Amazon. Now. the link is up there, I won't even care if you leave to go order it.

Probably the biggest piece of the book that helped me is the Grand To Do list - the list where everything in your life that needs an action goes. There are so many places to keep your To Do list, but I've figured out I'm a pen & paper girl & like to have my list in front of my eyes all the time. So I divide a piece of paper in four sections labeled with the four major areas of my life:

pinkpenny (album design)
• personal
• house

Each Tuesday I start with a clean sheet of paper, carry over what went undone from last week and write down any and all new things that have come up. The key is to write down "next actions", not big lofty To Do's like "launch new website". Just write down the first little action you need to take to get to launching your new website. Then when you complete that one, write down the next & so on. Having a list like this enables you not to think, but DO.

This is just a tiny snippet of this concept, but it really has helped me so much. If this has struck a chord with you at all I say get the book! I don't think you'll be disappointed.

P.S. One more concept I LOVE is, "if it will take you less than 2 min. to do, do it NOW". I apply this to email a lot since I have a tendency to compulsively check my email like 20 times a day, but not actually reply to any of the emails I get. If it's a quick reply I try to do just send it right away or else it might sit in my starred folder for a week. Truthfully, I'm still working on the email thing. I'll let you know if/when I get a handle on that one.

P.P.S. And if this has bored you, sorry. I'll be back tomorrow with pretty photos : )

September 14, 2009

Saturday with Diana+

Light leaks galore this time around. We visited my grandparents in Colorado a few weeks ago. I love where they live and have so many great memories from our visits. It is so different from here - so much land, so much sky. We heart Colorado & Grandma and Grandpa Golden : )

September 13, 2009

Happy Weekend

It is Sunday afternoon & I am relishing what's left of this lovely weekend. And remembering this one a few weeks ago with auntie Jess, kites, cookies & the beach. All things B loves.

Happy Sunday

September 11, 2009

Happy Shelf

This new little shelf in my bedroom is making me happy. Pretty bedside tables aren't happening so this is my place to keep a little display next to my bed, but up & out of reach from little hands (though I'm sure he'll figure out a way, eventually).

shelf: Urban Outfitters
vase: Jonathan Adler, from my generous friend Christa Jayne
bowl: a little store in Creed, Colorado
tiny pitcher: from Forest's late Grandma Ruth's glass collection.

September 8, 2009

TCB Tuesday :: Packaging

Whew. Wedding season is slowing down now. I have a few weeks off & in that time will be sending off images to the wonderful planners & vendors who were part of these weddings with me. I've been working on refining my packaging for quite awhile - wanting to find a way to create a pretty package, but keep the costs to a minimum (not easy for me..little spender).

After reading an article in Professional Photographer magazine I was inspired to use these square envelopes by Paper Presentation (thanks Chenin Boutwell!). They are the perfect size for discs & come in so many great colors. I chose two colors that coordinate with my brand, finished it off with baker's twine, a business card and a handwritten note on my custom stationery.

I still remember my first "big girl" purchase (ha. at Banana Republic). I was so enamored with how they wrapped the clothes in tissue paper and sealed it with a little round sticker. Thus began my appreciation for the finer things in life : ) Hopefully this is a mini-version of that experience for my clients.

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. I love the idea of "columns" within blogs. Little segments with creative names that are posted on the same day every week. Thinkin' about starting some here, hence TCB Tuesdays. Takin' Care of Business...where I'll share little things about business that I've learned & might be helpful to some of you. Yes? Maybe? Let me know!

September 4, 2009

Happy Weekend

Three days of weekend! One more out of town wedding that I get to shoot with my first photography friend, Shelly. Just like old times : )

This image is another little snippet from Hannah & Kyle's wedding. There were so many little details that were so lovely one their own, it's been fun to unveil them one by one. Happy weekend to all!