January 14, 2010

2009 Engagement Favorites

2009 Engagement Favorites

Oh, how I love the engagement session. No time restraints, amazing light always, and so romantical. Hope you enjoy this collection of my most happy images from 2009.


Lindsay Horstman said...

LOVE~ very colorful and beautiful photos. Special memories, thank you~ xo

Allison said...

Raya- I love your photography! I've been a fan for several years now! Just wondering how much time you spend editing photos...and what is your favorite treatment to photos?


raya said...

Thank you!
Allison, I don't spend too much time editing my photos. Honestly, I don't have the patience for it :) I do basic corrections for exposure, color temp, contrast in Lightroom and then if I do anything above that I add a cross-process effect at about 20 - 25% or I use Totally Rad Actions. I am leaning towards more natural looking photos with true color these days though...hope that helps!

Sally said...

Hi Raya,
I can't wait to look around more on your blog.
I love your work.
Just gorgeous light!
I am going to go poke around your website now, but I just wanted to sincerely thank you for choosing my entry as one of your top 5 picks in the I Heart Faces contest.
(The baby with the light pink fur-lined jacket who's sticking her tongue out.)
I have been so obsessed with learning the technical side of photography lately that it's thrilling, and a good learning experience for me, that a picture that is by no means technically perfect, or even trying to be, can still strike a chord with the viewer.

Casey said...

i love them all! the attitude, the color, and yes, very romantical! :) great job always. wish you were in texas...

michellewoo said...

Love these. And your site is looking so lovely!

raya said...

Thanks everyone :) Sally, thanks for finding me! I love iheartfaces because everyone there is SO passionate about photography & learning the craft. Congratulations!
Casey, I would love to photograph your little family. Some day : )
Michelle, thanks! Looking forward to seeing your engagement photos : )

婷婷 said...
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