January 26, 2010

2010 :: Goals

Let's face it, I just like checking things off a list. Here is my list for twenty-ten. Check!

1. Find an organization to volunteer at -  this has been on my heart for a long time and since having Baker my life has taken busy to a new level, but he is almost two now and things are feeling not so much calmer, but more balanced.   I look around and see how much we have and how selfish I can be. With my possessions, and especially my time. Not to say that I am going to solve the world's problems, but I would like to be more involved in our community and use my gifts for others in some way.

2. Redesign my website (again) and blog - I did a small redesign on my site last year, but it doesn't quite say what I want it to and would like my site + blog to match my business cards & stationery, which I love SO much. I have said this already, but the people at The Decoder Ring Design Concern are good people. No job too small, thankfully for me :) 

3. Open the pinkpenny "store" to sell album design templates - this goes along with the "monetize" post I did a couple weeks ago. pinkpenny has designed hundreds of albums and these layouts are just sitting on our computers collecting dust. Perhaps we could sell them to other photographers who don't want full service album design! We will see...

4. Landscape our home - I want a pretty yard, simple as that.

5. Freakin' compost pile!!  3rd year. This is getting absurd. I figured out what was keeping me from getting this done: thinking I would actually build one myself because it was "cheaper". I finally decided to order one pre-made so this will get done very soon.  I think we will reduce what we throw away by half when we start composting - go Earth.

Reflecting on last year, two have carried over to this year, but overall I look at this 2009 list feeling encouraged.

1. Find balance between work & home (ie. hire some help) DONE! Found a great home-daycare. B loves it and I am going to bed earlier (most nights).

2. Make a new friend (or two) in Ventura. DONE! It has changed my life. So thankful for our new church and the friends we have made there.
3. Re-design my photography website. DONE! But I need to do it again...see above. 

4. Landscape our home. Still working on it.  I am at my breaking point with this one, just need to get a vision...or hire someone else to get the vision for us.
5. And, start a compost pile!!! See above : )

Do you set goals? What are some of yours this year?  


Jamieofalltrades said...

I did... and I forgot I did. I just looked back and I'm 2 for 4. I should write some for 2010... it's not too late, right?

Bob said...

Hope this is helpful

One can never have too many compost bins: we DIY our compost bin from wood pallets and was great! Since then we’ve acquired 3 more and they’re all a blessing to us and Earth. We have a large tree that shed amazing leaves every year which we love to compost, chicken & rabbit poo from our pets go in there, and this year…we’ve made a best compost-decision yet: we got a Breville juicer. Fresh juice, but also the fibers from the juice we extracted goes in the compost…and some to the chickens. We have about 1gal of fiber to feed our compost/day…it’s marvelous!

Case in point:
- multiple composter bins
- juicer, will greatly enhance your composting results.

mrstwigg said...

Compost bin, landscaping and some sort of garden arrangement is on my list this year, and I need to do it all on the very cheap.

My other goals include: finishing my master's thesis, being nicer to our cats and clearing out the front porch/veranda and make it as retreat like as possible.

ellen said...

Stumbled upon your blog and I love it! One of my goals is to read one book a month... 12 in 2010... I need to think of a few others as well.

thecolorplaid said...

love goal setting! its the same, but better than new years resolutions. i'm doing a goal setting night with my closest girls on monday so we can hold each other accountable and encourage each other throughout the year.

some of mine:
learn how to sew
read one book a month
continue to learn french
find one new discovery a month

good luck with your goals! :)