January 21, 2010

House Party...Gingerbread, that is

In a moment of inspiration & a little delusion, I thought it would be so fun to have ten of Baker's best friends over for a little gingerbread house making party. Martha Stewart here we come, I thought! But that is usually how everything plays out in my mind. Every event in my life is surely bound for the glossy pages of a magazine.

Well, it didn't go quite as planned, but hopefully from these photos you can see we still had fun and the houses that DID make it home in one piece were enjoyed immensely. Also enjoyed immensely...the sugar by Baker, because I was too busy hosting to notice his frequent trips to the candy stash.

view larger photos here


Alexis said...

I love all the photos you've been posting. They are so inspiring! I just took a photography class with Pascale Wowak from our area and it was great! Thanks for your comment on the Daydreamer top I did! I've valued each one. And I do know Heidi Merrick and I love her, too!

raya said...

Thanks Alexis! Love that your'e taking photography classes - you will be so happy and it will be that much more fun to photograph your designs : )

Jenn Kirk said...

Haha, seeing these pics brings a smile to my face. House decorating is like an intense olympic sport.