January 25, 2010

A very girly baby shower








We had so much fun decorating for our sister in law Jena's baby shower. My mom hosted at her house and there was an abundance of girly DIY:

- tissue pom pom garlands
- mini cupcake liner + tissue garlands
- flower shaped fruit salad made with cookie cutters (save the scraps to freeze for smoothies later)
- zipper flower pin favors sewn by my mom with tags made by her nifty die cutting machine. I want one!
- signs ala die cutter, alphabet stamps & paper straws
- mini homemade cupcakes
- Lots of mix n match china from my mom's collection as well as a few pieces from Jena's mom's milk glass collection.
- flowers from the Santa Cruz farmer's market

The last photo group is of my sisters, the lovely Jena and my brother who stopped by on the way to the golf course (I did not get a photo of me or my mom!). They are going to be wonderful parents and we are all so excited to meet this little girl, due on one of my favorite holidays February 14!

Love you Jena & Ryan! xoxo

More & individual photos on flickr  - click here


faithsalutes said...

Congrats Jenna and Ryan...I am so happy for you.

michellewoo said...

I am totally obsessed with this party. [lifting jaw off the floor]

raya said...

Michelle, probably because of all the tissue pom poms. I picture your wedding being this party x 100! xoxo

jenlongaway said...

wow, so adorable! love all the handmade details and pink poki candy.

Michelle said...

What a fun shower!

Erin said...

That picture of Ryan peeking in is cute. He looks excited!
Everything is gorgeous. Good job to you & your Momma! Her zipper flowers are fabulous. Does she use vintage zippers? I never see the good gold teeth ones. But, I don't have the shopping skills that your mom has!

Jenn Kirk said...

Ridiculously pretty.

Sarah and Davis said...

What gorgeous pics. Wish I had been there! (:

Emilie said...

OMG! Everything looks so yummy!!! Cute photos!!

Kira said...

Oh my goodness! What a BEAUTIFUL shower. Lucky!

{eleise} said...

What a lovely shower! I want to go to one like that! =)

Rachel Elizabeth said...

So classy and cute. I want to have a shower that's just as beautiful

kris said...

I'm way behind here, but how did you make the tissue pom poms--LOVE!