February 8, 2010

Blog It Forward Starts Wednesday


I'm excited to be part of this collective project starting this Wednesday February 10! The lovely Victoria organized all this craziness and we'll all be posting on "what inspires us most" in a chain-letter sort of way (but hopefully much more fun & much less annoying than an actual chain letter). I'm one of the starter blogs that will be posting Wednesday, then linking to the next in my group and so on & so forth. It will be 6 weeks or so of inspiration goodness from all over.
To see the full list of participants click here. I'm looking forward to discovering some new blogs through this & sharing my own inspiration with you all. 

'til Wednesday,



Erin said...

How fun! I am looking forward to this!

Sandy C said...

oh wow, what a neat idea! i can't wait to read everyone's blog it forward!

Bridget said...

that is very cool!