April 13, 2010

Fall on Film

I am SO ready for Summer, but I finally got this roll of film developed from back in October and wanted to share.  The blues & oranges in these pictures and the way the light is captured, it's just somethin' else.

I will probably never switch back to film 100%, but I have found a renewed inspiration in starting to play with it a bit more.  I can definitely see using the two together more (film & digital) as they both have really great things going for them.

Part of this rediscovering is the Contax 645 I recently acquired. I have some fun photos from a trip to Enjoy Cupcakes I will share soon.

Viva film.


ampersandity said...

these are fantastic -- the light & colors are beautiful! looking forward to seeing more of your film work!

michellewoo said...

B trying to lift the giant pumpkin is priceless! Adorable.

raya said...

thanks! Isn't it funny how kids ALWAYS try to pick up the huge pumpkin? Every time.