September 30, 2010


A just for fun shoot with my friend Alexis who writes the fantastic blog Made By Lex (formerly, My Mama Made It) and has also started her own line, Lex Designs. We went to high school together and recently became reacquainted at a wedding I shot last Summer.  Turns out we really liked each others' blogs and there you have it.

Leda was wonderful to model for us and Stripe loaned some gorgeous jewelry.  We spent a few hours on the West Side of Santa Cruz playing dress up and making friends with a pretty horse at Wilder Ranch.

Click here to shop Lex's current collection and don't miss a visit to Stripe - it will make you happy, I promise.

September 29, 2010

Tea & Celebrations

We celebrated my mom's 60th birthday two weeks ago at the lovely Bloomsbury Tea Room in Capitola.  My sisters & I wanted to do something special for this momentous occasion and a tea party seemed to fit my mom, a "T":  The dainty cups, the fancy silver, lacy linens, pretty food, hats!

I made these invitations with Indesign then printed on pre-cut card stock and finished with old wrapping paper given to me many years ago by a very good friend of my parents who has passed on.  The ties are 3/8" strips of an Amy Butler fabric.

A few photos from the party:

The party was a success and my mom is well-loved - we maxed out the room and took all the hats in the place.  All the treats are made fresh in the kitchen and the food was amazing.  I am not in these pictures because I was too busy stuffing my face with the homemade scones.

Isn't she cute? Happy birthday, Mom!

September 16, 2010

Communication Arts!

My stationery suite was included in the Best of Letterheads category of the newest Communication Arts Design Annual. I've been reading this publication since photography school and the creative geek in me is pretty much freaking out.  It is always a huge source of inspiration and is where I first read about the wildly talented Decoder Ring Design Concern who is responsible for the concept, design and it being seen here.

Thanks again to Christian & Renee at Decoder - working with them was one of the best experiences. I smile every time I pull out a note card or piece of letter heard to send to a client.

September 14, 2010

Another Baby


I already put this out there on Twitter and Facebook, and 'tis true - we are expecting our second at the end of February! This pregnancy has been very different than my first. Not as smooth, a few scares, days of bed rest, generally more worrisome. I am thankful that everything is okay and so far baby seems healthy.  I am not sure how I made it through a Summer of weddings, but thanks be to God I did. 

I never really wrote about this on paperpony, but last August I miscarried at 12 weeks. It was a sad time and probably the saddest I have been in 10 years. I think that has a lot to do with my blog posts gradually falling off to almost non existent for awhile. I didn't feel much like sharing about photography or home decor when I didn't really feel like I could share the biggest thing that was going on.  It's difficult to know what you should/shouldn't talk about on a blog, especially when the blog is also for your business.

After reading a few posts from other photographers about very personal things on their blogs, I thought it was important to talk about this and say "hey, this is what has been going on for the last year". I know miscarriage is very common, but that doesn't diminish the sadness or difficulty. It took me a long time to not think about it every day and to even think about being pregnant again.

This pregnancy was a bit of a surprise, but it has been good. And I have had to trust God a lot. In the end I see that His timing is always more perfect than mine.

So there's the heavy part of this post : ) I am feeling really good now at around 16 weeks and feel a new surge of energy and inspiration. Some of that energy is going into figuring out what to wear every day as I am already having to say goodbye to my favorite closet staples...
Fashion doesn't seem as prego friendly as last time, just my observation. So far it hasn't been too awful, but it is still early.  For now Maxi dresses are my friend.

Thanks for reading and letting me share this here. My clients from last season and this season have been so gracious and understanding - this has not been taken for granted and I feel so blessed to work for such kind people. I have five more weddings this year and 2010 has been a great season.  I am expecting a good 2011 as well and trusting that it may be so.

September 7, 2010

Heidi's Fall '10

Love when I get an email introducing Heidi Merrick's newest collection. As always there are more than a few pieces I would like in my closet right now, please.  Especially love the mix of stripes and that shiny gold skirt. Not boring!

See the full collection here