October 5, 2010

Alejandra & Jose's Wedding :: Houston, Texas

The Internet can be a wonderful place - Alejandra found me when I was guest judging last October for I Heart Faces' weekly photo contest.   She called, we chatted and then in May Forest & I were off to Houston to photograph her wedding.

Alejandra is an artistic talent & budding photographer, designing her wedding from the saved the dates to her brooch bouquet.  These two are such happy, warm people and good dancers too.  Bonus for dancing.

I was so happy to be at their wedding & I feel like we will keep in touch for years to come - got that you two? Phoenix is not that far away from California, you know : )


Corrie said...

Pretty! I love her veil and the colors : )

Erin said...

This is so gorgeous. Everything.

Ale said...

Raya!!! Trust me... to Cali I shall come! ;) You were so amazing and I treasure these photos so so sooo much! We were so lucky to have you -- seriously!

KT said...

Breathtaking photos! And what a beautiful wedding.

shanni said...

gorgie raya.... totally gorgie. that bouquet.... i swoon.