June 16, 2010

Pin It Forward - What Home Means to Me

It's Pin It Forward Day! Have you been following all the great posts? If not, you can see them all here...there are about 300 : )  This project follows up Blog It Forward and is all about what home means to each of us.

The fun part is using Pinterest to "pin" images that say home to me. Pinterest is a new visual bookmarking site, similar to fffound or the greatly missed My Deco File. I have been having so much fun pinning and love having all my favorite images in one place.

Here is a peek at my Pin It Forward board:

Click here to view my complete board and browse all the Pin It Forward boards for some good homey inspiration.  And look for another Pin It Forward post on The Baker's Daughter tomorrow.

If you have your own Pinterest account or What Home Means To Me board link to it in the comments so we can see. And thanks Victoria & Pinterest for putting together another fun collaborative project. Feeling so inspired and reminded that our homes are really about what is meaningful to each of us.

June 10, 2010

Noushin & Robert's Engagement :: Central Park

Noushin & Robert! My sweet New York couple who both just finished Law school and are getting married in Santa Barbara this fall. It worked out perfectly for us to buzz up to NYC during our East Coast trip in April and they were able to take a break from studying to walk around Central Park with me.  

I've always thought Central Park was so romantic - maybe if you live there you would say differently, but that's my impression as a sometimes visitor. At least it was on this particular day : )

June 9, 2010

Hawaiian Cowboy

Hulahoop fun at a birthday party last weekend (with a little help from Forest).

June 3, 2010


Michelle needed some new pictures for the Internets. We had fun with my dropitMODERN backdrop and her collection of cute cardigans.