February 7, 2011

B is Three

Our little B is three today! All through this pregnancy, it has been "the baby will be here after you are three". Well, he's three which means he's about to be "the coolest big brother" (his words).  
Baker has been coming up with some priceless quotes these days, recently a conversation with Forest about racing and Forest trying to impress upon him that you can still have fun even if you don't win.
Under his breath, Baker says, "That's not the point".
Well, what is the point?
Oh dear.

We celebrated at one of Baker's favorite places last weekend with a simple & low key Spy Themed party.  Even though Baker is asking when his "big" party is...???? I thought it was pretty fun and will do a little party post tomorrow.

Happy Birthday B. We enjoy your spirited nature, sense of humor, love of learning, and compliment skills (You're a cute mommy, you're a nice mommy...those are the best). We know you will in fact be the coolest big brother.

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