February 8, 2011

A Spy Birthay Party

After I saw a Save The Date like this in MS Weddings, I wanted to use it for a birthday party invite. So, spy theme it was. I downloaded the templates from marthastewart.com and changed it a bit in InDesign. These were printed on my Epson Workforce 600 first printing the words, then running them through a second time to print the red squiggles. I ordered the decoders from The 3D Market.
Made a birthday banner in Photoshop and printed on cardstock. Two kinds of homemade mini cupcakes - chocolate & lemon, striped trays & napkins from Ikea, Stripey paper straws.
Who doesn't love a photobooth? I collected disguises from different stores and my own closet.

At 36 weeks pregnant, a party in our small house seemed like too much so we decided on the very awesome indoor playground in town & one of Baker's favorite places. Socks are a must so we brought extras just in case (inspired by Charmaine & Derek's bowlception I photographed in October...their extra socks even had little personalized wrappers...adorable).

Goodie bags! I have all these manila envelopes left over from photo school days so I designed labels for the bags to make them look like secret agent folders. Sunglasses from Oriental Trading, mini-notebooks from Target with smaller labels I designed, pencils for spy notes and stickers...because stickers are always fun.
Fuji Instax photos from the photobooth! We scanned these then sent the actual polaroids in the thank you notes.  Fun fun.


jodi said...

super fun!!

Erin said...

brilliant, Raya! I love it!!

KT said...

Oh so cute. I love the photo booth! Someday you will hear him bragging to his friends about his super cool spy party.

Kate said...

AND you were 36 weeks pregnant?!?
Baker doesn't know how good he has it.
Love it!

The littlest said...

so fun! i love little ones in disguise ;)

Zheru said...

hhmmhhh brilliant idea,, so fun and likes this, and You can visit my site,, thanks

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