May 27, 2011

Happy Weekend

Honestly, today was a bear of a day. Most of the morning involved one or both children crying and it seemed like just getting dressed might be too daunting a task. But after an hour at the pool the three year-old is napping and...ahhhh.  He will not go to bed until 10pm tonight because of this nap, but if it means an hour of quiet and 10 minutes for me to escape with the new Anthology, then so be it.  All the wacky color in Eunice Moyle's home (above) is strangely calming right now. The whole issue is really gorgeous, cover to cover.

Sunday I'm shooting my first wedding of the season and am nervous/stressed, but looking forward to it. I still get nervous before every wedding - keeps me on my toes. Rebecca & Brad are a very cool couple and I get to see the Bash,Please ladies and photograph all the gettin' down brought by The Flashdance so obviously it's going to be an awesome day. Give me thirty minutes and I'll be smiling ear to ear, so happy that I get to photograph weddings as my job. Happens every time.

Happy long weekend to you!  xoxo


toridawn said...

I love how practical you are as a mommy (daytime nap trade-off) and totally able to balance that with work!

marla {Family Fresh Cooking} said...

Hope the wedding shoot went well. That is the most darling photo.