June 29, 2011


Poor balloons. Spotted near Traction Ave, downtown LA during a recent engagement session.

June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

{ My dad & me }

{Forest being great with our kids}

Feeling so thankful to have some of the best dads in my life. How did we get this lucky?

My dad is one of the most real people I know. He is a great story teller, a talent my brother inherited from him - when they get together we just sit back and watch them "talk story" and laugh. His pearls of wisdom I cling to and he's always the person I want to call when I'm dealing with a tough situation.  

Clyde, Forest's dad, can pretty much fix everything. His patience is other-wordly: I've seen evidence of this when he explains to Baker in detail how an engine works or is helping us with yet another house project (he lives closer so he gets roped into these often).

And Forest, as shown by these photos, has such a kind heart.  He knows how to love us best and takes care of his whole family so well.  As I type he & Baker are out working on our new front walk, on Father's Day. Such a good man I tell you.

We are heading to Ojai later, our Mother's/Father's Day tradition. Hope you have some lovely plans to celebrate the Fathers in your life. xoxo

June 15, 2011

Like a Ballerina

Do you think we are sometimes influenced or inspired by things we've seen without really thinking about it?  When this bride said some images of her were reminiscent of Degas, I was delighted. From the minute she stepped into her dress she looked like a ballerina...

June 13, 2011