September 27, 2011

Walking Georgetown

I have a new favorite city and it's name is Georgetown. My bestie Faith has lived there for the last two years while she & her husband get smarter at Georgetown U. After shooting a wedding in Connecticut we drove to DC and I got to spend a week with her and her new beautiful baby boy, Iggy.

We walked the babies all over the town and there is more painted door eye-candy than I have ever seen. It made me so happy. Also making me happy: Georgetown Cupcake. The coconut and the "birthday cake" were delicious. Just like the cake your mom made you for your 8th birthday.

Also of note is 2Amy's Pizza (via F.E. Castleberry), Founding Farmers and shopping on Wisconsin Ave.  Have you been to Georgetown? What are your favorite spots?


faithsalutes said...

baby neck breaking off and i seem so smug about it. ha. favorite place in georgetown: any place where the elderly gentlemen wear bow ties for lunch dates.

This Confetti Life said...

I looove Georgetown. I lived there for about two seconds. I like the brownies at Marvelous Market and having a cocktail on the riverfront and French food at 2AM at that French restaurant (I can't remember the name).