April 16, 2012

Card Catalogs from The Days of Yore

 Image sources: Top [decor8], Middle [Emily Henderson], Bottom [Etsy]

Today I have card catalogs on my mind - they are so interesting, so old school.  I would love to find a small one to use for a side table in my bedroom, but I would fill the drawers with things Evie could carry around since she steals anything I leave on  my current side table.  Does she have a little stockpile somewhere of hair ties & pens? Probably.


  1. Yes, LOVE! Many beauties on Etsy that are hard to resist. My other obsession: vintage plan drawers, the kind in which they used to store blueprints.

  2. That couch is really a great furniture piece. It's a fun, modern and beautifully designed furniture. It's perfect for my reception desk in the office.

  3. I adore card catalogs!!! We have a huge one (it takes up almost the whole wall) and it's from way back when so it's quite a fun keepsake =) xx Sal