April 5, 2012

How to :: Make an Easter Surprise Egg

I have been at my mom's for a week and it's impossible to spend that much time with her and NOT want to make something. I have been wanting to try making a surprise ball for awhile...they are so delightful and happy-making.  For Easter, how fun to make them in an egg shape! 

What you need:
- 1-3 rolls of crepe streamer. I used three colors for mine.
- plastic egg
- at least 5 prizes (Stickers, temporary tattoos, balloons, small charms, silly bands, gum...I pulled mine together very quickly, but there are so many options. The flatter the better. )
- something to fill the egg with (a bigger prize, candy)
- confetti (optional)
- washi tape or sticker to seal the top
- scissors

What you do:

 1. Prep your streamers
- cut about 15 strips of streamer, each 1 yd. in length
If you are using more than one color cut equal amounts of each. You can always cut more later if you need to. I did this very approximately, no need to pull out the measuring stick unless you really want to.
- Stack 2-3 segments on top of each other and fold in half length-wise once, then in half again, half again and then once more until you have about a 2-in square in your hand (four folds). Cut this in half length-wise so that when you unravel you have long strips about .75 in. wide (see above).
- You will need about 6 strips for each layer and I did about 6 layers, so roughly 36 strips total.
- Lay the strips out on the table or drape on the back of a chair (this is what I did).

2. Fill your plastic egg and snap closed. I found these rad gold ones at a party store in Santa Cruz.

3. Take one strip and start winding around the egg. I found it easier to wrap the first one around the widest part of the egg and then cris-cross covering more of the egg as you go. When this strip is wound around grab another of the same color and wind again until the egg is completely covered. If you pull just a bit you will get a smoother look and the prizes will stay put better.  

You could also place a pinch of confetti in here somewhere if you want.

4. Place one of your flattest prizes on the egg and start covering with another streamer strip (in an new color if you like).  At this point I started winding the strips lengthwise (top to bottom) to retain the egg shape as much as possible. Wrap about 5-6 strips before adding a new prize. When I tested this with B it seemed like that was a good amount - less than that and the prizes will be uncovered too quickly. 

When done with these strips, place another of the flattest prizes and start wrapping again with 5-6 strips (start another color here too if you want). I tried to alternate where I placed the prizes to keep the shape.

More confetti every now and then, just for fun.
6. After the first two layers I started adding my less-flat prizes and found that placing them at the top or bottom of the egg worked better to keep the shape. If you feel like it's getting wonky you could also cut a square of tissue paper big enough to wrap around the whole egg and scrunch that around in between layers to get the shape back.

7. Keep wrapping until all your prizes are hidden. For the final outside layer, try to wrap as neatly as possible and keep wrapping until you have a smooth surface and it looks the way you want it to. Cris-crossing and working around the egg gradually worked well for me. End the last strip at the top (cut if you need to) and seal with washi tape or a sticker.

I can't wait to watch the kids open these on Easter. They didn't take too long and the options are endless. I want to make some for my girl friends with grown up treats, like these...



casey said...

well these are just AWESOME! will have to do next year... (don't have time this year!)

Jenn Kirk said...

I like your method of wrapping an egg the best! Especially with the washi.

thimble said...

oh these are so cute! and I LOVE your mini confetti! where did you get that?!

heru said...

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