June 5, 2012

Crazy Chair Lady

Amongst all the things we have going on I am still playing with the house and currently working on the dining area. Before Genevieve was born we converted the dining room into a play room - best decision EVER.  The only negative was that our massive dining table didn't fit in the new space. I originally bought this table thinking it would be our "have forever" table...but it just doesn't work here and for the rest of our days in this house, this is where we will be eating. I actually really like dine in kitchens and this is one of my favorite spots in the house. So, the table had to go.

Finally we listed it on Craigslist and said farewell...then with cash in my pocket I started buying up dining chairs like a crazy person as we've never really had nice chairs. These salmon Thonet chairs above were $25 each...each! I also have 4 bentwood chairs en route via ebay. 14 chairs and no table.

I don't really know much about tables, but in researching styles that work well with benches I discovered the x-base/trestle. The mid century ones are my favorite, but they also cost around $4,000. Today I bought a small pedestal table at a junk shop that works and will do for now. But, if you see one of these for not $4,000 send it my way. Salmon chairs await...

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Karen Elizabeth said...

i have one that im selling.with 2 leaves.well under 4 grand. my email is motkokeith @yahoo. thanks keith