February 28, 2012

Baker's Birthday Fiesta

A few weeks ago we celebrated Baker's fourth birthday with a Fiesta (ahem, Diego) party. Diego was on the bounce house, so he did show up and Baker was stoked.

I made a bunch of paper flowers (there's a good tutorial here) and hung paper Mexican flags I found at the Ventura Flea.  The big project was the mini pinatas that we gave as favors. Those took a bit of time, but they were pretty fun to make. Thank you Martha Stewart for making fringe scissors.  Each family got one with surprises inside for the kids. Almost everything in the pinata and favors came from Dollar Tree. Fun stuff that kids love on the cheap.

Baker asked for a cake and I said, um okay! My favorite chocolate cake comes from The Bride & Groom First and Forever Cookbook - it's amazing. Seriously.

A good old backyard party with friends! And, Evie turns One in two weeks - where has the time gone?

February 27, 2012

Maybe this is a style post

My friend Jenn (whose blog you should follow if you aren't, because she is insanely crafty and stylish) asked me when I am going to start doing style posts.  Hm....I'm afraid of style posts.

I do love clothes though and figuring out what looks stylish, but also is practical for where we live and my day to day Mom life.  I don't have a very big clothing budget either, so mixing high/low and finding pieces that look nice but don't cost too much is my favorite.

This here photo was from last Saturday - a very fun girls day in Los Olivos to celebrate my friend Katie's birthday.  This is the type of outfit that makes me feel put together, but is also super comfortable. Faux leather jacket & maxi skirt from H&M with a really old LV Speedy bag that I can't seem to get the "old lady perfume and cigarettes" smell out of. You know that one...

So maybe I'll start doing some style posts with photos that aren't taken in front of a dusty junk shop mirror. It's just for fun right?

Saturday with Diana+

Anne + Matthew at More Mesa, Santa Barbara.

February 24, 2012

An Adoption Shower

Our friends are adopting from Africa and a group of us planned a family shower for them a few weeks ago. We made all the flowers out of paper, washi tape + skewer drink flags, had families bring their favorite cookies for the dessert bar and covered bubbles and Trader Joe's chocolate bars in kraft paper for favors.  I also made these streamers, inexpensive and surprisingly easy.

The "seven" tags (seven people in the family) were for the guests to write down their favorite local activity for the Hocks to keep as ideas for the weekend.

The Oh Happy Day photo booth props are a little time intensive, but they were so much fun.  We're so excited for the Hocks and can't wait to meet the "bigs".

February 22, 2012

Saturday with Diana+

 I have missed my Diana! Since I've been shooting film I've started using it again more and it's been so good to go back to such a simple camera.  Way long ago I posted a few tips for shooting with the Diana+ - see them here.

February 17, 2012

Baby Shoe Love

Evie is walking! I'm freaking out a little bit about her not being a baby for that much longer. But I'm also having fun looking at shoes. She's really going for it and is gonna need some legit footwear soon.  Here are six adorable pairs I want to put on those pudgy feet of hers.

February 14, 2012

Paper Hearts

I, like always, was pulling something together last minute for Valentine's Day and in a pinch as I had no cute bags for the little gits I was giving.  Old W magazines & origami saved the day. I chose the most colorful fashion spreads, cut the pages to 10 in. square and folded these up. They are about 6 in. and the gifts fit perfectly in the envelope.

Finally, justification for magazine hoarding.

Check out my Instagram to see what we are doing today and have a Happy Valentine's Day!

February 10, 2012

Dance it Out

Love these! Your favorite film/television dances. Illustrations by Neiges Borges - see more on Dancing Plague of 1518 and buy prints here.

[ via iwatchstuff and my bff Faith's cool husband Ryan ]

February 8, 2012

Personal Pinatas

I've not been blogging, but I have been working and making lots of things. We have two big parties coming up this weekend - B's 4th birthday and a shower for friends adopting from Africa. These little pinatas-in-the-making are favors for Baker's party. I really wanted to do these, but cutting out approx. 25 and taping them all together seemed crazy. While papier mache is totally sane...

They will look like this when they're done with a little treat inside.  No matter how busy, I will always make time for this kind of thing.  Paper crafts, Forest helping, glass of wine, Downton Abbey. Relax!